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5 Proven Steps to Turn Hardships into Blessings !

L’m more than a Life Coach — I help individuals transform personal crisis into delightful experiences. My proven five-step approach combines ancient wisdom with modern science to give you an intuitive understanding of you and your personality traits. This allows you to let go of emotional baggage and grow emotional connections with your dream life.

Who is this Program for &

Why do you need a Miracles for All Coach?


Financial issues can easily tear families apart. Miracles for All can help you navigate this tricky emotional terrain.


Struggles with friends, family and co-workers can quickly rob you your health, energy and vitality 


From casual dating issues to serious marriage problems, Miracles for All can support you in building stronger bonds

Health Crisis

When you or your loved ones fell ill, you may need a little extra to help you cope and heal.

Career Changes

It is estimated that over our life time most of us will go through 4 or 5 careers; yet those changes can be hard without expert guidance .

Life Crossroads

Are you agonizing about weather or not to leave a partner or make an important decision? 


Are you in a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress, feeling overwhelmed, emotionally drained, or unable to meet constant demands?

Fear and Anxiety

Are you suffering from fear related to a known or understood threat, or anxiety coming from an unknown, expected or poorly defined threat?



What you will learn?

To achieve your personal, professional and spiritual goals using a five-step timeless tool that you will be able to use over and over again

Handle Challenges & Stress

There is a spiritual purpose behind every stressful scenario. Recognize the growth that comes with no avoiding challenging situations, but rather taking them head-on.

Define the Life you Want

Many spiritual practices teach you to desire less, but A Course in Miracles says that you can have it all. If you truly want it is meant for you; you just need to attract it into your life.

Remove Limiting Beliefs

We have the power to create the life we want. Embrace this power that have always existed within, through concepts and tools that will give you control over your every day life.

Deepen Connections

As you better understand your thought patterns, beliefs systems and choices, you will improve the quality of your existing relationships, and attract new ones that contribute to your best self.

Clear Dysfunctional Patterns

Have you noticed situations that repeat themselves over and over in your life? You may not realize it but most of your problems come from patterns inherited from your parents and ancestors. Once you clear them you don't have to repeat them ever again.

Let go of Emotional Baggage

We go through life carrying a truckload burden of fears, grievances, anger, shame, jealousy, guilt and resentments that held us prisoners of the past and chained to a sea of unnecessary suffering.

Enjoy Life Today

"Life is not about the destination, it is about the journey." As you learn about the big picture journey of your soul you will embrace the road you are traveling and your personal process toward your goal

Turn Crisis into Opportunities

Every difficult situation in our life is just a blessing in disguise, In the Miracles for All training you will learn how to find the many gifts that lie behind every suffering and challenge in your life.

Rave Reviews

Testimonies from some of the people I have worked with

Maritza is more than my coach, many years ago she not only helped me solve a quarrel I had with somebody but she taught me the tools to solve all types of conflicts.  She helped me heal deep seated emotional wounds and completely changed for good my outlook in life.  My old depression is gone. I now look for the hidden gem in each situation and guess what? I always find it.

Dolores Germosen - Housewife

Maritza is my dear cousin, her help and guidance was vital during my cancer recovery process.  She helped understand the role emotions were playing in my illness and instilled in me the trust and support I needed.  She showed me there was hope for a brighter future and today I feel great, life is better than before.

Pablo Garcia - Architect

The help and guidance I received from Maritza was beyond what I could have ever imagined on my own. Her attention to detail, care for what I do, and profound knowledge of human psychology and ancient wisdom has helped me, not only to overcome, but to thrive after challenges that seemed unsurmountable to me."

Belkys Lagombra - Hospitality Manager

My Approach

This is an Eight-Week Coaching Program that follows the process below to take you from where you are to where you want to be in five easy to follow steps.

First - I Listen

I’ll start with an honest chat with you to understand you, your wants and needs, what is important to you. Here we’ll highlight what makes you unique, and define what you want in life. We will also uncover the emotional wounds that are holding your back, and the key opportunities available to you.

Then - We Learn

Together, we’ll talk about your goals; we will learn what is standing between you and what you want. We will tie them to your core values and innermost dreams. Then I will be your mentor, I will teach you the Miracles for All Five Step tools that will take you to your desired destination based on what motivates you.

Lastly - You Lead

 Once you have successfully applied the Miracles for All simple technology not only will you be excited about change but you will also be able to use those tools over and over to overcome any difficult situation in your life.

Hi! I'm Maritza

I’m a State of Florida Master Level Certified Addiction Professional with 30 years experience, and a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator. I consider myself a spiritual seeker who have studied for decades A Course in Miracles, Eastern Philosophy, Indian Yoga, Shamanism, Jewish Kabbalah, Hipnosis, Tarot, NLP and Reiki, among others.

In my personal life I have been able to overcome several diseases that are considered incurables by traditional medicine. Over the past 20 years, I have helped people from all walks of life overcome all kinds of physical, emotional and mental challenges…… you are absolutely in the right place! 

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